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      Company profile
      Enterprise culture
      Qualification certification
      Speech of President
      Enterprise honor
      Business Scope
      Items to manage:
      1. the selecting, designing and manufacturing of the electric dust remover.
      2. the selecting, designing and manufacturing of pocket dust removers.
      3. the technological design of the small-scale and medium desulphurization device and the selecting, designing and manufacturing of relevant equipment.
      4. diagnosing and analysing various types of dust removal device with low efficiency and abnormal operateion and transforming them
      5. the installation and maintenance of the dust removal device.
      6. offering various kinds of repair piece fittings needed with high quality and at favourable price.
      Electric dust
      removal is refined that gas ionization produces free electrons, negative ions and positive ions between discharge electrode and dust catching electrode while high tension current is conducted to form a non-uniform electric field in which those exhaust gas and dust particle move to opposite electrodes under the strength function of the electric field with the result that dust particle is separated from exhaust gas to purify the gas.
      Main features of HZS dust collector
      1.High efficiency, able to deal with high density smoke.
      2. Adaptable to high-resistance smoke.
      3. Can deal with exhaust gas under 300.c.
      4. Low energy consumption, small resistance ≤ 300pa.
      5. Leaking out rate ≤ 3%.
      6. Adapting computer control, convenient to operate and manage.
      Structure features of HZS bag dust collector
      1. Pulse valves adopting the structure of ogee curves and diaphragm pair, low resistance, fast opening and closing, strong dust removing capacity, low puff and blow pressure.
      2. The filter bag reaches 6 meters, covering small area.
      3. the maximum handling capacity reaches 1.1x10m/h.
      4.The filter bag is sewed onto the spring piston ring which is stuck on the figured pattern card in order to be removed conveniently.
      5. Real-time control of every operation parameter with computer, advanced technique, economy and reliable.
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